Short Bio

While trying - to find a suitable sound, your sound, you learn a lot about music -
about how things work and not work together. Influenced by your favorite music or new sounds, you some day find yourself as well.”

After some years of sound experiments and music production studies whereof one year he visited Deutsche POP academy in cologne, vince weyn released his debut EP on Bonkers Records in early 2019. During the year he continued his work with the mexican based label in two compilation releases, followed by a remix, as well as his second solo ‘Inception’ EP. Weekends were time with his local crew for some DJ gigs in his hometown party scene.

2020 started well right off with a beatport top 51 and beatport techno top 8 chart release in collaboration with his friend Stephen Disario on italian techno label Frequenza Records by Nihil Young, which will make us straight looking forward to his upcoming releases:

A second collab release with Stephen Disario on german label Black Snake Recordings by Darian Jaburg in march, a remix, as well as a compilation release (followed by a solo EP) on new formed Operandi Records by Modus for Q1 are confirmed already!

vince weyn takes a next big step by signing 3 tracks to Say What? Records by techno legend Ramon Tapia, bringing his sound to a complete new level!


Say What?, Orange, Black Snake Recordings, Operandi, Airborne Black, Frequenza...


Schlachthof, Bosi, Truedat, Liebknecht and many more...